=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Services secure email services Services is pleased to offer world-class secure IMAP email services. We also offer IMAP-based POP3 accounts.
  • Secure Access to your email from multiple machines
  • Secure Web-based access to your email from just about anywhere (SquirrelMail)
  • SMTP authorization (required), Transport Layer Security (TLS) or SSH (required)
  • TLS supported on both port 25 (smtp) and port 587 (submission) - useful when your ISP blocks port 25
  • Microsoft Mail program's SSH protocol supported on non-standard port 465 (smtp) and port 995 (submission) - also useful if your ISP blocks port 25 (as several are doing these days).
ACCESS from ANYWHERE - (at least if you have web access)
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Note: we are using a self-signed certificate (as usual) so your browser will warn you that it doesn't recognize us as a trusted certificate issuing authority.
That is OK and you should connnect anyway. This will give you a secure connection.
Log in with your username as Name: and your password as Password:.
(Your username usually is the part of your email address before the "@" sign, but may be different for commercial accounts.)
The largest change between herring email accounts and earlier email accounts is that we now require all accounts to be accessed not only in an authenticated manner (which we have always required), but now also in a secure manner. There are two types of email clients, those that understand TLS (Transfer Layer Security) e.g. most modern mail clients, and those that don't, e.g. Microsoft mail clients.
We support both. Click on the one you need: