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Charities Supported by ald.net Services.

ald.net Services has always been interested in what we can do for the earth. We recycle as much as possible. We use recycled paper whenever we can. We re-ink our printer ribbons until they fall apart, use recycled toner cartridges, etc. In keeping with this spirit we have decided to donate 5% of our customer's payments to various small charities like the Sponsor a Wolf/Whale/Dolphin programs, local humane societies, local homeless shelters...you get to choose from a list just where your share goes.

More Information on ald.net Services' Charities

Wolf Education and Research Center
Adopt a Whale project
Sponsor a Dolphin project
World Wildlife Fund
National Arbor Day Society
Local humane societies
Electronic Frontiers Foundation
AIDS research
Akron Regional Freenet/ACORN
WKSU public radio
45/49 PBS TV station
Local homeless shelters
Auldhaefen chooses how to spend it
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