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ald.net Internet Services ltd.

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Please fill out this form completely and accurately, then submit it to ald.net for review. After we take a look at it we'll call you to discuss all the options we offer to you. If you want to signup for a T1, Hosted Server or need consulting services send email to webmaster@ald.net

No service will be provided until we have received your signed copy of this application and your payment for the service selected.

By signing up online you agree to be bound by the terms of the user agreement.



In exchange for the use of aldhfn/aldhfn.org/ald.net (hereafter called aldhfn) Public Access Unix/Internet services (hereafter called services), I understand and agree to the following:

1. That the use of aldhfn is a privilege which may be revoked by the administrators of that system at any time for abusive conduct. Such conduct would include, but not be limited to, the placing of unlawful information on the system and the use of obscene, abusive or otherwise objectionable language in either public or, upon registration of complaint, private messages. The System Administrator of aldhfn will be sole arbiter of what constitutes obscene, abusive, or objectionable language.

2. The account is to be used only by the person registered. No account sharing is allowed.

3. TCP/IP accounts may not be left connected 24 hours a day except for dedicated dialup accounts, nor may they be used for connecting BBSes, LANs, etc. to the net. They may not be used for web, file, or mailing list servers. They are for personal use only (i.e. log on, do things, log off).

4. That the System Administrator reserves the right to review any material stored in files or programs, and will edit or remove any material which the System Administrator, in his sole discretion, believes may be unlawful, obscene, abusive, or otherwise objectionable.

5. That all information contained on aldhfn is placed there for general informational and entertainment purposes and is in no way intended to refer or be applicable to any specific person, case, or situation.

6. That the System Administrator does NOT warrant that the functions of this system will meet any specific requirement you may have; nor that it will be error free or uninterrupted; nor shall it be liable for any indirect, incidental, or consequential damages (including lost data, information, or profits) sustained or incurred in connection with the use, operation, or inability to use the system.

7. To abide by such rules and regulations of system usage as may be promulgated from time to time by the administrators of aldhfn.

8. In consideration for the privilege of using aldhfn and in consideration for having access to the informatoin contained on it, I hereby release aldhfn, its operators, and any institution with which they are affiliated, for any and all claims of any nature arising from my use of aldhfn.

9. Parents should realize that the Internet is world wide and provides access to a lot of information. Some of that information is adult in nature. If you do not want your children to have access to adult material, then do not permit them to get an account with any service provider. By signing the form, you acknowledge that your child may have access to this material and will not hold aldhfn responsible if your child accesses said material.

10. All plans are billed via email unless other arrangements are made. Accounting is done on the first of the month. Hours are not pro-rated. There is a $20 charge for returned checks. Payments received after the 15th are subject to a 1.5% late fee. Accounts 30 days delinquent are subject to login being disabled until payment in full is received and may be subject to a reconnection fee.

Signature: ___________________________________ Date: __________

In case applicant's age is less than 18 years, signature below must come from parent/guardian of applicant.

Parent/Guardian Signature: ___________________________________

When required, Ohio sales tax on services is collected at your county's tax rate. For Summit County that rate is 5.75%.
TIA and other SLIP/PPP emulators that run on our machine are *not* permitted.
Hard copies and checks may be sent to:
ald.net Services
168 Lake Terrace Drive
Munroe Falls OH 44262

Document revision: 27 Feb 2003

Send comments to webmaster@ald.net

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Permission is granted to download and reproduce this form for submission to ald.net.

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