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ald.net Internet Services ltd.


ald.net Acceptable Use Policy and Privacy Policy.

Users of any of ald.net Services telecommunication and/or network access services, including internet-based services must agree to refrain from performing any and all of the activities listed below. 

Ald.net Services will notify customers of violations to this policy and will take necessary corrective action including but not limited to, immediate termination or suspension of services. 

Compromise of, or damage to hosts, sites, networks, or security systems involving the use of ald.net Services resources are prohibited and may result in civil or criminal prosecution. Ald.net Services monitors its resources and will investigate incidents involving such violations and will cooperate with law enforcement if a criminal violation is suspected. 

Examples of system or network security violations include, without limitation, attempts, whether successful or not successful, to do any of the following: 

Probing of hosts, networks or ports without the explicit authorization of the administrators of that system. 

Breach the security of a host, network component, system, site or authentication system without the explicit permission of the administrators of that system. 

Monitor data on any network or system without the explicit authorization of the administrators of that network or system. 

Interfere with service to any user, host, network component, system, host or network including deliberate attempts to overload a server, network connected device, or network component. 

Originate malformed data or network traffic that results in damage to, or disruption of, any ald.net Services service or network connected device. 

Forgery of data designed to misrepresent the origination user or source. 

Sending unsolicited, mass electronic mail messages to one or more recipients or systems ("Spam") resulting in a complaint from the recipient(s) to ald.net Services. Any electronic messages, which are sent in an unsolicited manner to 10 or more recipients, or a series of unsolicited electronic messages, qualify as Spam. 

Forgery of electronic mail headers (including any portion of the IP packet header and/or electronic mail address), or any other method used to forge, disguise or conceal the user's identity when using ald.net Services services. This is known as "Spoofing" an IP or address. 

Use of another party's electronic mail server to relay electronic mail without the explicit permission from that third party. 

Conceal, forge or otherwise falsify identity in connection to any ald.net Services service or present a false identity to ald.net Services when signing up any ald.net Services service. 

Send mass volumes of data, and/or any other abusive behavior that is intended to disrupt or disable the recipient system. These are known as Denial of Service or Flooding attacks. 

Cross-posting or mass posting of the same or similar messages to multiple USENET newsgroups. All postings to a USENET newsgroup by the customer or user must comply with that newsgroup's charter and policies. 

Use of unauthorized software on any ald.net Services web server. 

Distribution of illegal or pirated software with or from any ald.net Services service. 

Harassment of others in the Internet community by email, newsgroup, IRC or any other medium using an ald.net Services service. 
Ald.net Services reserves the right to terminate any customer, without notice, upon confirmed violation of any part of the ald.net Services Acceptable Use Policy as set forth above. Ald.net Services reserves the right to change this Acceptable Use Policy at any time, without notice. Every ald.net Services customer is responsible for the behavior of his or her own end users. It is therefore the responsibility of every ald.net Services customer to ensure that his or her end users understand and adhere to this policy. Violations of this policy by a third party on behalf of a customer or end user of ald.net Services will be considered a violation by that customer or end user.

Our Privacy Policy

ALD.Net respects your privacy. Here's our privacy policy for this site:

Personally Identifiable Information

We do track how our visitors use this site so that we can see what people like and don't like. We also analyze and aggregate information about use patterns and share the aggregated data with our advertisers (for example, we keep track of how many users see and click on particular advertisements). We may also collect personal information about you via registration for contests, surveys and newsletters. We will not, however, release your name, e-mail address or any other personal information to anyone else outside ALD.Net unless we have your consent, we are under a legal order to do so, or there is an emergency involving personal danger. This means that we will not provide our advertisers or anyone else outside ALD.Net with any information specific to you unless we have your consent. The only ALD.Net employees or consultants allowed access to personal information about you are those who need to have access. Any employee or consultant who violates our privacy and security policies is subject to disciplinary action, including possible termination or prosecution.


"Cookies" are small text files that allow Web sites to store and retrieve information about you from your computer system. ALD.Net does serve cookies to track individual site usage for later aggregation. But we do not use cookies in order to retrieve any information from your computer other than information originally sent in a ALD.Net cookie, such as a user code. We have no control over whether and how our advertisers use cookies that originate from their website.

Communication from ALD.Net

Any ongoing communication you may receive from ALD.Net via e-mail, such as newsletters, subscriptions, contest results, survey inquiries, etc. may be terminated via a simple "opt out" procedure. You need only reply to the communication with the word "unsubscribe" (without the quotation marks) in the body of your e-mail response and your name will be removed from that mailing list.


ALD.Net does not orient this site toward children or target them as an audience, nor does it screen them from using the site. Some of the material on this site is for mature audiences, and parents and guardians should take responsibility for monitoring their children's use. ALD.Net does not collect or distribute information indicating whether a user is a child.

Links to Other Sites

This site provides links and pointers to Web sites maintained by other organizations. ALD.Net provides these links as a convenience to users, but it does not operate, control or endorse such sites. ALD.Net also disclaims any responsibility for the information on those sites and any products or services offered there, and cannot vouch for the privacy policies of such sites. ALD.Net does not make any warranties or representations that any linked sites (or even this site) will function without error or interruption, that defects will be corrected, or that the sites and their servers are free of viruses and other problems that can harm your computer.

Policy Changes

This privacy policy is effective as of January  1, 2001. We may need to change it from time to time as technology and the nature of the Web keep evolving. We will post any changes to this policy as soon as they go into effect.

 ALD.Net's site does not monitor private communications (e.g. email) at all, much less make any use of such communications.

ALD.net's site does not display or make available users' or members' personal information, such as contact information, even if it is already publicly available.

 What kind of security procedures are in place to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of information under the company's control.

Our databases, including the member database, and system administrations logs, are password protected. Online transactions of a sensitive nature, e.g. credit card numbers, are protected by secure browser connections. Users whose browsers do not support encryption are encouraged to conduct their transactions by encrypted e-mail.

Other Information About Your Privacy at This Site

ALD.Net's site generally stores no information about its visitors, with the exceptions of basic logging for site stats (just machine addresses, not personal email addresses), and information provided by users who fill out our online membership, order, guestbook, or contest forms. Under no circumstances does ALD.net compile "audit trails" of which users are browsing what pages, and under no circumstances will ALD.Net sell, rent, loan or give personally identifiable user information to marketers.

More Questions?

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, e-mail them to webmaster@ald.net, and be sure to indicate the specific site you're visiting and the nature of your question or concern.

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