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ald.net Internet Services ltd.


What is ald.net and its Services.

ald.net Services is the new name for Auldhaefen Online Services. We have reorganized the business, and thought that making the name easier to pronounce would be a good way to mark this reorganization. :-) We will continue to bring you the same great service that has made us the longest-surviving local internet service provider in North East Ohio, and we pledge to keep adding valuable services. 

ald.net is a domain name that Auldhaefen Online Services has been using for many years, and our customers have come to know us by that domain. It was supposed to be a reference to the Auldhaefen Network. Where did the name "Auldhaefen" come from in the first place? Let us quote one of our founders. This was written in 1995. Note that our history of providing online services traces back to a 1987 BBS.

Begin Quote. The name, Auldhaefen (pronounced ALD-hay-ven), is a combination of the Scots Gaelic auld and the Old English haefen. Auld means "old" and haefen means a "safe place". There is also an obscure definition for haefen that is "a starting point of a long journey". We tend to use "old safe place" but it can also mean "an old safe starting point of a long journey". Both are apt for Auldhaefen, especially with our providing low cost web hosting.

Auldhaefen came into being a few years back when we were involved with the Society for Creative Anachronism, a medieval research and re-creation group. We had a problem finding many of the proper materials needed for the re-creation of medieval arts and crafts. When we did find the materials, we were required to be a business to buy them. Thus was Auldhaefen born. We created a business so that we could get and provide to others the needed supplies. We still provide the dry powdered pigments used in medieval painting. We even make some of the pigments ourselves and have had museums contact us for supplies. The name also applies to where we live. Our yard has become a haven for creatures large and small. We do not allow kids or dogs into the yard. The cats agree to leave other animals alone in exchange for the sanctuary of Auldhaefen. The animals all get along with each other except for the occasional cat fight which quickly ends when they are reminded of their agreements. I know that sounds a bit strange but then that is Auldhaefen ;-).

The Great Spirit's presence is strong here. It is partly due to that spirit that we are involved in recycling and saving the earth. We support many of the efforts to protect wildlife and do what we can locally such as feeding the birds and squirrels and providing nesting places. We reduce what packaging we buy whenever possible, we reuse everything that we can, and we recycle everything that we can possibly recycle. After all if we don't care for the earth, who will? Auldhaefen is also a BBS that we run that allows the general populace access to Usenet news and email. It is also a major UUCP feed site for the Akron area. We've had the BBS since October of 1987 and have been handling UUCP feeds for around 6 years. Adding Internet connectivity is just the next step in Auldhaefen's expansion. It was only a matter of time before we were offering Internet services. If we can help the world while connecting the world then that is all for the better. End Quote. 

We believe in providing excellent services at reasonable prices, and returning a portion of our revenue to the local community. By background and attitude, we are techies, not businessmen. We are more focused on making things work the way we think they should than on making profits, yet we have managed to make a modest profit in most years, and have had a lot of fun doing it. We must be doing something right! :-)

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