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Standard Accounts.

These accounts give you wide flexibility in how you connect to the Internet. Using a DSL/Wireless/Microwave/Fiber connection, your machine becomes a node directly attached to the Internet; some of the more popular programs, for example graphical Web browsers like Firefox and Chrome, require this kind of connection. Brings the Internet right to your doorstep with simple access.

With more people doing business on The Net, an Internet presence is becoming a requirement of the modern economy. Any size business can be set up easily. Use a dedicated connection to provide your clients with 24-hour access to your information, services, and support.

Our Internet services are constantly evolving to meet your needs. Check back often for the latest news about how we can help you get connected.

We offer multiple options to access the internet. From DSL To T1 lines to Cable and Microwave! Our staff can be your single source for all of your technology needs

We offer hosting with no limitations on customer numbers and bandwidth usage!

Call us now for current pricing! We are more than competitive!

We supply and configure computer hardware made by today.s foremost manufacturers of
network infrastructure equipment. Whether you.re looking to set up a standalone workstation or
in need of a multi-site network that integrates powerful servers with a multitude of workstations,
we provide the hardware tools needed to create or upgrade your LAN (Local Area Network) or
WAN (Wide Area Network).

$20.00 charge on all returned checks
Accounting is done on the first of the month. Hours are not pro-rated.

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